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I am a realtor specializing in residential properties – sale as well as leasing. During the course of my career, my clients and I had encountered many challenges with cleaners especially those with indifferent or poor work attitude. We were a little apprehensive initially of engaging Ideal Cleaning Provider Pte. Ltd. as it was a ‘start-up’, but our mutual friend who introduced the company to us, assured us that Eric (the Boss) had more than ten years of cleaning experiences in the industry and was well-respected by his past employers.

His team consisted mainly of local workers who were very committed and focused in their tasks rather than time-centric; rushing to complete the assignment and compromised on cleaning some of the important parts of the premises. The profile of his staff was a plus-point as my clients did not wish to run foul with the immigration department with ad-hoc or part-time foreign workers who were holding full-time employments.

Eric and his team-mates were very systematic in their approach of handling the cleaning processes. They were meticulous in their works and thoroughly covered areas that were beyond eye-levels especially in the kitchens, bathrooms and electrical appliances that were high in wear and tear condition because of their heavy usage. They took the initiatives to inform us of the defects which our service-contractors had missed out and that enabled us to rectify the problems speedily before the handover of the property to our Tenant who held a senior position in the MNC. Whatever Eric promised on specific cleanings within the premises were well delivered, much to the delight of my clients. The experience we had with Eric and the concerted efforts of his team-mates exceeded my clients’ requirements and expectations. Their conscientious effort had also helped me in executing my handover of premises to the Tenant with ease as his needs and requirements were fulfilled to their maximum satisfaction.

Since then, my clients had spring-board Ideal Cleaning Provider Pte. Ltd. cleaning service to another bigger property in one of the prime districts. The Tenant who was holding a top management position in a TNC was exceptionally demanding in hygiene and cleanliness. He was also very satisfied with the detailed works. My colleagues within the same industry, who had engaged Ideal Cleaning Provider Pte. Ltd. services also gave a ‘thumb up’ - very satisfactory and positive feedbacks.

We are confident of Eric and his team of professional cleaners’ performances and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who needs a reliable professional cleaner for their homes or their clients’ properties. We are happy to have engaged Ideal Cleaning Provider Pte. Ltd. service and Eric’s contact is certainly in our ‘radar’ for future references and engagements.

Sandra Soon
Kudos to Ismail and uncle who did an excellent job in the upholstery cleaning. We were impressed! They were professional, friendly, punctual (arrived exactly @9am and took the effort to explain the process.
Glenn Chan
I am impressed with their service and enlightened with Eric's sharing. This is my token of appreciation by writing my review. Thanks Eric and team. Please keep it up.
Service was great and very professional. Great cleaning job on the cushions as well. Thank you Eric and the team.
Definitely got to recommend them for cleaning the mattress. Came promptly, excellent service rendered. They turned the mattress and ensure they cleaned every corner of it. Now the mattress look newer and fresh!
Peh San Ng
Excellent cleaning services. Helpful and everyone are friendly. Working in very professional attitude. Deep cleaning and ensure housing handover successfully. Strongly recommend to others who in Singapore looking for cleaning services. Ten Thousand LIKE. 👍🏻
Vincent Leow
Got referred by a friend who is an estate agent and I engaged Ideal on 3rd Dec for sofa, carpet and curtain cleaning. Now I understand why he always use them.

The cleaning was done meticulously which leaves me with great satisfaction. They will do it repeatedly if some stains are more stubborn. This is especially important to me as I am quite OCD.

The director, Eric was also there to supervise and hands on. Very nice guy. Learn quite a few Cleaning 101 tips from him. And only that day then I know there are certified cleaning co. by the government regulations and they are one of them.

I am impressed with their service and enlightened with Eric's sharing. This is my token of appreciation by writing my review. Thanks Eric and team. Please keep it up 👍🏻
Lester Wong
Really can recommend this company for their cleaning services! The crew were on time, friendly and polite.

They were also very detail orientated and managed to clean every nook and crany! And i'm not hyping it up nor exaggerating as i do clean my car and previous house by myself weekly. Hence i believe i have a very high expectation set for them and they certainly impressed and wowed me!

They also managed to clean the problem areas which i pointed out to them during the pre cleaning which i greatly apprecite.

Really would like to thank the team!
Carlo Miao Miao
Very professional deep upholstery cleaning service executed meticulously and with care. The gentleman was very kind to explain the process to me and guide me through the steps. Extremely communicative and very candid about what can or cannot be achieved. Overall a 5 star rating.
Your team did a amazing job. Your team is very professional and delivered the best. We are extremely happy with your work and highly recommend your services to my friends. And we are very happy to work with you again.
The space was absolutely clean and amazing. You all did a wonderful job. So thankful. Will definitely keep in touch and recommend you guys to any of my friends if they should need cleaning services.
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